YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

Welcome to the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader! This tool helps you easily download thumbnails from YouTube videos in different sizes. Just enter the URL of the YouTube video, and we’ll do the rest!


  1. Enter YouTube Video URL: Copy the link of the YouTube video you want the thumbnail from and paste it into the input box.
  2. Click “Fetch Thumbnails”: Press the button to get thumbnails in various sizes.
  3. Download Thumbnails: Once the thumbnails appear, click the “Download” button below the thumbnail you want to save.

Thumbnail Sizes:

  • Default (120×90 pixels): Small size, good for quick previews.
  • Medium (320×180 pixels): Larger size, better for detailed views.
  • High (480×360 pixels): Even bigger, good for presentations or detailed analysis.
  • Standard (640×480 pixels): Large size, suitable for most uses.
  • Max Resolution (1280×720 pixels): The biggest size available, perfect for high-quality needs.

Why Use This Tool?

  • Simple to Use: Just a few clicks to get your thumbnails.
  • Multiple Sizes: Choose the thumbnail size that fits your needs.
  • Direct Downloads: Download thumbnails directly to your device without hassle.Enjoy!