Anchor Text Generator

What Does It Do?

This tool helps you create HTML code for anchor text links. An anchor text link is a clickable text that takes you to another web page when clicked.

How to Use It:

  1. Enter Page URL: In the first box, type or paste the web address (URL) of the page you want to link to.

  2. Enter Keyword: In the second box, type the text you want to make clickable. This is called the “keyword.”

  3. Select Link Attribute: You can choose additional properties for the link. For example, if you want to indicate that the link goes to a related page, you can choose the “alternate” attribute.

  4. Generate HTML: Click the button, and the tool will create the HTML code for your anchor text link.

  5. Copy HTML Code: Once the HTML code is generated, you can click the “Copy HTML Code” button to copy it to your clipboard. Then, you can paste it into your website’s code wherever you want the link to appear.

Why Use It:

This tool makes it easy to create links on your website without needing to know HTML code. It’s useful for bloggers, website owners, or anyone who wants to add clickable links to their web pages.