Robots.txt Generator

The Robots.txt Generator tool is designed to help website owners create a robots.txt file easily. This file specifies rules for search engine crawlers about which pages or sections of a website should be crawled or not crawled. With this tool, you can generate a robots.txt file tailored to your website’s requirements.

How to Use:

  1. Website URL: Enter the URL of your website in the designated field. For example: ““.

  2. Robot Rules: Input the rules for the User-agent and Disallow directives. For instance:

    • User-agent: * (applies to all bots)
    • Disallow: /admin/ (disallows crawling of the “/admin/” directory)
  3. Click “Generate robots.txt”: After entering your website URL and robot rules, click the button to generate the robots.txt file.

Example: Suppose you own a website called “” and want to disallow search engine crawlers from indexing specific directories. Here’s an example of how you might use the tool:

robotsfile 2

robtsfile 1

Note: Remember to include a “Sitemap” directive pointing to your website’s XML sitemap (if available) to help search engines discover and index your site’s pages efficiently.

Conclusion: The Robots.txt Generator simplifies the process of creating a robots.txt file, allowing website owners to control how search engines crawl and index their content. Use this tool to tailor crawler access rules for your website, ensuring that your valuable content is properly indexed while keeping sensitive areas private.